Youth Assist: Building Better Lives

Building Better Lives begins with a trauma-informed approach, and understanding, to overcoming barriers and welcoming challenges

The mission of Youth Assist is to support at-risk and marginalised youth aged 12 – 24 to Build Better Lives. We offer two unique, trauma-aware programs – “I’m Possible” and “The Me Degree”, each designed to identify gaps, and overcome invisible barriers.

Our experience in recognising the impact of trauma is key to the building better lives outcome.

With over 20 years experience supporting people impacted by trauma to build a new future we know early intervention changes lives. This knowledge lies at the core of our specialist, wrap around program for youth.

We are grateful for your interest in our program, if you would like to learn more, become involved or contribute you will find more in each area below

Youth Assist is an initiative of Trauma Assist
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Philanthropy & Giving

Meaningful contribution through donation or partnership can bring direct and significant change to a young person. We understand the impact that planned philanthropic contributions can make, often given by those who themselves have experienced trauma, and overcome the hurdles of life our youth face.


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Building Better Lives requires a range of partners and we continue to seek, and have found, incredible support from our local business, community organisations, sports clubs, health practitioners and cultural leaders … it takes more than a village, it takes a tribe.



If you have time, attention, perhaps even a lived experience of marginalisation, risk, or trauma, and now hold a desire to contribute to changing lives then we would love to hear from you


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Youth Assist acknowledges the traditional custodians of our land who have been learning and educating on Country for over a thousand generations. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.