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Youth Assist


Thank you for finding us and thank you for considering how you may be able to assist the youth we work with.

What we do

If you wish to make a significant donation or become a partner please contact our program manager directly for a confidential conversation and an indepth look at how we deliver results.

Our Youth Assist Program is drawn from over 20 years experience of working with individuals impacted by trauma. In developing the Youth Assist program we have used this specialised knowledge and overlaid that with what we understand is needed by young people to break cycles of violence, desist from crime and shape a future for themselves which is forward focused. We have drawn from the Good Lives Model, (Ward) and customised our partnerships specific to our Wide Bay Burnett region.

Our program wraps the skills, knowledge, community and cultural supports around marginalised young people, in a way that identifies and builds on their strengths, enables each person to develop a positive self-identity, understand and practice the principles of self-control and gain social perspective to “Build Better Lives”.

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